There is power in nature. The air, the sky, the wind against your skin. And then there’s what nature gives you. That’s power too. The environment around Nivalia stirs the soul with its lofty beauty and sheer scale, leaving you with a feeling of grace and humility in the face of nature’s majesty.

This extraordinary alpine region comes alive throughout the year, with the village of Zermatt thrumming with people who live for the outdoors. Skiers in winter, hikers, cyclists and trail runners in summer, they’re here for what their sport gives back to them, for how it makes them come alive. For others, it’s about simply being in the open air, taking the time to stroll, sit awhile and reflect.

For everyone who experiences the glory of nature, a connection is made. To the elements. To beauty. To ever-changing vistas. But most of all, to something inside themselves.

Are you ready?

The sky’s the limit

The Matt valley plays host to around 360 kilometres of impeccable ski runs. Sitting astride the Swiss/Italian border, there’s a distinct international dimension, and thanks to the elevation it’s possible to ski 365 days a year.

All the while you carve to a jaw-dropping backdrop. And the spectacular slopes are for everyone, from beginners to advanced. Bringing you back home at the end of the day is the world’s longest descent – 25 kilometres of linked pistes from the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise station back down to Zermatt.

Leave it all out there

Nothing beats the exhilaration when it’s just you and your bike and the terrain passing under your wheels. Here, kilometre after kilometre of trails wind up and down the Alps, offering routes for all abilities accompanied by spectacular views.

The chairlifts that in winter transport skiers carry riders and their bikes in summer, dropping you off at the start of some of the most breathtaking downhill. You can even take the train to the top of the Gornergrat, for a ride back down that belongs firmly in the category of epic.

Lose yourself, find yourself

With a network of nearly 400 kilometres of trails, hiking in Zermatt offers a degree of variety and distance it’s difficult to match anywhere in the world. From a relaxing stroll that combines a stop for lunch to a challenging circuit that’ll test the athleticism of the most experienced hiker, there’s something for everyone.

Truly getting to grips with the mountains – the highest in the Alps – means climbing them, and Zermatt’s gift to mountaineers is the number of opportunities it offers. The ultimate is the Matterhorn itself, but there are 37 other four-thousanders (peaks of 4,000 metres or higher) where the glaciers, snowfields and experience itself take you into another realm.

And for anything else, our concierge

Nivalia is bespoke from beginning to end, so what do you love doing? From a pilates coach to a heli-skiing trip, from a mountain guide to a specialist cooking tutor, our concierge is there to make it happen.